Congrats! You found the best monthly workout series available for guys over the age of 35. This program is for the man that wants to finally ditch the "dad bod" and all the annoying side effects that accompany it.

Millions of men wake up every morning feeling less than optimal.

They have low energy, their confidence is lacking, and they’re a shadow of their former self.

Not only is this common, but it’s now considered normal. Some guys actually pretend to be proud of their “dad bod.”

I guarantee that if given the choice between carrying an extra 15-30 pounds of fat, or walking around like a Marvel super hero, they’re going to choose to look like Captain America 100% of the time.

My name is Steve Lutsk and I'm a NASM Certified PT and Certified Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition. I'm also a sponsored athlete. 
I'm the creator of the Dad Bod Solution Coaching Program where I help guys turn back the clock and reach their optimal state. 

Social media is filled with an abundance of information. Most guys don’t know the difference between good information and bad information. It's confusing out there!

There are countless influencers and charlatans peddling garbage disguised as quick fixes and miracle cures.

The reality is that if any of this nonsense worked, then EVERYONE would be lean, muscular, and pain free.

Sadly, that’s not the case.

There is no substitute for hard work, BUT the good news is that if you train properly for your age and goals, you can get in better shape in your 30’s, 40’s and 50’s than you were in your 20’s.

Don’t train harder.

Train smarter (but still train hard.) Train for sustainability!

I designed my "Dad Bod Monthly Program" to do just that.

Your wife's Peloton didn't do the trick, and if you’re over 35, the weight lifting routine you did in college may not serve you as well as it used to.

Unless you’re juiced to the gills like The Liver King, you’re going to get much better results by adjusting your volume and frequency.

For your muscles to grow, you need to stimulate them with some form of resistance, but you also need to be able to recover from that stimulus. You also probably don't want to be sore for four days after every work out.

(A little soreness is cool, but COME ON!) 

Good luck recovering from 20 sets of chest exercises on a Monday when you’re 45. 

The Dad Bod Monthly workout series will feature brand new workouts every 4 weeks, all with optimal volume, exercise selection, and rep ranges. 

If you loved the "Dad Bod Solution: Workout Series Volume 1 and 2 pdf, you're going to love the "Dad Bod Monthly App."

Exercise sequences are carefully thought out with an emphasis on compound movements.

Compound movements are exercises that work multiple joints and hit a lot of muscles at the same time. (Don’t worry, you still get to do some bicep curls.)

This program is optimized for the gym, but all exercises can be modified to be done with minimal equipment or even your body weight. You don't have to grueling two hour workouts, six days a week. 

The workouts will take about an hour, and you can get results in as little as three to four days per week.

These are the same workouts I do to keep me just as lean in strong in my 40’s as I was in my 20’s.

If it weren’t for the manly wrinkles around my eyes, no one would believe my body was 40 years old.

I also think you’re going to enjoy the dynamic rep ranges. 

Your muscles are going to get exposed to different weight intensities to give you both strength and size without wreaking havoc on your central nervous system.

All of the workouts will also have optimal volume to save your joints and connective tissues. 

As a bonus, you're also going to get access to my "Members Only" community where I'll be participating and engaging with everyone on a regular basis to make sure you have all the tools to ensure success. 

ON TOP OF THAT I'll be doing regular video Q&A's where I'll directly answer your fitness and nutrition questions to give you absolute clarity.

This monthly workout series is going to help you help you maintain momentum so we can continue to conquer 2023, 2024, and beyond and shatter your pre-existing limiting beliefs.

You’re going to train in a way you’ve never trained before, so you’re going to get results you’ve never got before, at a price that’s unmatched for the quality.


❓Can I do this from home? 
Yes! You can if you have adjustable dumbbells, resistance bands, an adjustable bench, and pull-up bar. There are also body weight substitutions and modifications for every exercise. 

❓Is it a difficult program?
Yes, but it works. Any program that actually works has to challenge your body to some level of discomfort.

❓Are there modifications and substitutions if I can’t do an exercise?

❓What if I don’t know an exercise?
There are video demonstrations of every exercise. 

What if my gym doesn't have a specific machine?
I include multiple substitutions and alternatives for every exercise if you need to modify for any reason. 

❓Can I do this if I’m a beginner?
You don’t have to be an expert weightlifter, but you should have some level of familiarity with the gym.

❓Can I ship Internationally?
There's nothing to ship. You will get instant access to your first month of workouts 

❓How long will the workouts take?
About an hour.

❓Is there cardio?
There is an optional cardio protocol (but I recommend doing it)

❓How long is the program?
Each workout series is 4 weeks long. When you finish a series, you immediately start the next one.

❓How many days a week will I need to train?
Three or Four. 

❓Will this workout give me a Dad Bod?
No. It will give you a rad bod

❓Will this help me get better at dad jokes?
You’re either born with the ability, or you aren’t. Sorry. 

❓Can females do the program?

❓Is it a follow along video workout series like P90-x or Insanity?
No. It is delivered via an app on your smartphone, but there are links to video demonstrations of every exercise.

❓Will it help me lose weight?
If combined with the proper diet, yes, it can help.

Is this a diet program?
No, but that is coming soon.

Do I get direct access to Steve to reach out to him at any time?
No, that is only for his VIP coaching clients, but there will be exclusive Q&A's and members only content.

Is this a long term commitment?
No! You can cancel at any time if you're not happy with the service.

❓Do I have to be a Dad to have a Dad Bod?
Absolutely not.

❓Is there a leg day?
Yes, we never skip leg day.

❓Can I skip leg day? 
See the answer above.

How Much Does This Cost, Steve?

I was originally going to charge $99 per month, and this would’ve been an incredible bargain…

Then I thought," Let’s give the guys a bargain and charge $47 a month to make it a no-brainer.”

But I’m going to BEAT THAT and give an "Alpha Tester Discount."

For BLACK FRIDAY I’m offering the Dad Bod Monthly Program at a LOCKED IN RATE of only $27 a month. 

Honestly, if $27 is too much for you to invest in the best body of your life, you don’t have a money problem, you have a priority problem. 

The best time to start your journey to a dad bod free lifestyle was yesterday. 

The next best time is today. What are you waiting for?

The price is going up to $99 per month very soon!
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